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33592-0608 a rule a large percentage of major recording artists
do not write many of their own songs. And are more responsive to a song writers work or demo, if submitted
or shopped  thru a Music Publisher verses an individual.
    Digital technology has changed the way people in the music business work, making it easier than ever to work quickly and efficiently with music professionals from around the country and the world. It also means that whether you are a writer, composer or performer, by following the proper procedures, everyone now has the opportunity to get  their musical works discovered .
   Songwriting and music publishing can be complex, but it's far from a mystery. Every business has its rules of conducting business and various ways of producing revenue, as does songwriting and music publishing. The music  business has been transformed by technology into a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry. It's a difficult field to succeed in and a difficult field to remain successful in. The music business is based on creativity, but it's still a business, and knowledge of its inner workings is a key to, not only getting started, but having a lasting, productive, and financially rewarding career. 
      Songwriters and composers are the people that drive the music industry,without them,there are no lyrics or melodies. Without the songs there is no industry, whether its Live performances ,CD sales, Radio Air Play, Digital Downloads, and now Ring tones.

      Proper Representation and Promotion is Essential.

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